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Name:Queer Big Bang
Website:Our other site: Queer Big Bang on LiveJournal
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Community description:A multimedia Big Bang Challenge about the experience of being queer
Welcome to the Queer Big Bang Challenge!

The Big Bang challenge originated in the Harry Potter community, and has since migrated to other fandoms -- but we here at Queer Big Bang don't discriminate.

The challenge is for writers to write at least 10,000 words for a novella in whatever fandom or crossover you desire. (We also encourage original fiction. And yes, you can add to a WIP you've already been writing. You just have to add at least 10,000 new words to it.)

We also allow pretty much any type of fanwork, even in the "author" section of the challenge. (The "author" section is the part where a writer would write 10,000+ original words, but that doesn't mean it's restricted to writers.) If you have a favorite style of fanwork that takes a lot of time and effort, we're open to accepting it. The catch? You need to help us figure out how to measure that the "author" (or artist, of course) has put in the same amount of work and effort as one of our 10,000+ word writers does.

After the authors have worked their magic, the artists will then create fanworks of various kinds to go with each story.

Your work has to deal with the experience of being queer. For the purpose of this challenge, that's anyone who is non-heterosexual and/or non-cisgender:

* lesbian
* gay
* bisexual
* pansexual
* asexual
* transgender
* intersex
* genderqueer

Alternately, your fic can explore what it would be like for your characters to live in a culture that has different attitudes about non-heterosexual and/or non-cisgendered people.

If you think your idea might match but you're not sure, ask! We'll probably happily make an exception.

What we don't allow are situations where characters can't consent. That means no fic involving an adult having sex with an underage character. (Also, no fic where two underage characters are having sex, not because of lack of consent, but because most readers aren't underage.)

We're always looking for comments and suggestions:

What scheduling/rules/etc. would make you more likely to participate in this challenge?

Please comment here or pm the moderator [personal profile] boundsofdecency with your ideas.

By the way, we have communities both here and at LiveJournal, so feel free to pick whichever site you prefer.

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